Wedding Floating Candles | Beautiful Centerpiece

The gown, the wedding cake, the pretty flowers, the cuisine for your reception and anything else that comes with a wedding, can get extremely expensive. Here is an excellent idea for your reception that will be incredibly beautiful and will not cost an arm and a leg. You have probably spent thousands of dollars in preparation of your wedding. How about making your own table centerpieces with wedding floating candles? In fact, this is a fairly simple thing to do. Start by doing an online search to find candles that would be appropriate for a wedding reception. Maybe you want roses or hearts or a mix of other types of candles? Perhaps you can use simple white candles and decorate them with real authentic flowers or artificial ones. You can buy inexpensive clear glass bowls so that you insert a few decorated candles inside them.

Even ask someone in your family or your wedding party to assist by coming up with an idea for your wedding floating candles centerpieces. Who knows, they may even help you get all the different variations you will need to put them together. If you choose this method, I am sure money will be saved in the long run. If your timing gets in the way of contributing into making your centerpieces, do some Internet searching for floating candles in kits. You can buy the kits with all the pieces included to put your centerpieces together.

Wedding Flower | Christmas Wedding Flowers

The Christmas holidays are a joyful and festive season of the year. Christmas weddings can be just as exciting as the season itself by using beautiful silk Christmas flowers in your bouquets and decorations. The Red rose symbolizes love and makes beautiful hand tied bouquets, especially when wrapping the stems with silver ribbons adorned with pearls. Small silver bells can be added to carry out a Silver Bells wedding theme. When carried down the aisle by a bridesmaid, their sounds add excitement and ambiance to the wedding theme.

A story about the Christmas rose is linked to the birth of Christ. A poor shepherd girl named Madelon was tending her sheep on the night Christ was born. The wise men and other shepherds were giving gifts of gold, myrrh, frankincense, fruit and honey to the Christ child. Madelon had nothing to give and began to cry. As she wept an angel passed by seeing her and stooped down brushing away snow at her feet to uncover the most beautiful Christmas rose which she presented as her gift of love for the new baby. When choosing Christmas wedding bouquets, remember to keep size in mind. Especially the brides bouquet. An oversized bouquet can distract from the brides wedding gown. The wedding bouquet should compliment the wedding gown and help show off the bride and her beauty. After all she is the main attraction of the day.

Cartoon Wedding Invitations | Getting Married Is Supposed To Be Fun

Cartoon wedding invitations are a fun twist on traditional formal wedding invitations. Let's face it, no matter how much money people spend on their wedding invitations, very rarely do you receive one that truly captures your attention. They all kind of look the same despite any effort to make them unique. This isn't the case with cartoon wedding invitations. Each wedding invitation is totally unique to the individual couple. These invitations are often creative and individual expressions of the couple's personality. You can provide all the detailed information a wedding invitation requires but the clever presentation will catch the eye of everyone!

Your cartoon wedding invitations can include your favorite cartoon or comic book characters, perhaps dressed in full wedding apparel to represent you and your significant other. Another idea is to set it up like a newspaper comic, a four panel cartoon, informing people of your wedding date. You may also decide to have an illustrator create caricatures of the two of you for the enjoyment of friends and family. The caricature portrait could display the two of you in funny situations or poses. An exaggerated caricature portrait may be something that wedding guests would likely keep in a scrapbook to remember the event and laugh at your colorful and clever wedding invitation.

Butterfly Wedding Cake | Butterfly Release and Other Wedding Trends

The tradition of a bride and groom departing from their wedding reception in a cloud of thrown rice has long since past. Not only is the concept of rice throwing an old trend, but it also presents problems for the environment (birds mistake the rice for food and can choke on it), and it makes a huge mess for the venue to clean. Still, every newlywed couple desires a dramatic send-off to their honeymoon, and that means getting creative. Presently, there are several unique trends in the wedding world to send the happy couple off to their new life in a fun and mess-free fashion. A growing favorite among wedding parties has become the release of live animals. Dove releases have been a part of different ceremonies throughout history.

One of the greatest advantages of a butterfly release is that every guest, young and old, can participate, if the couple chooses. Many companies provide the inexpensive butterflies in individual boxes or other personalized butterfly wedding favors for guests to take home. Guests will love to see the beautiful butterflies floating from bouquet to bouquet or landing on a guest's shoulder. These tender moments with the butterflies make wedding photos come alive and leave lasting impressions on everyone in attendance. Butterflies also carry a heavy symbolic weight. Because of their transformation process from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly, they represent a transition and renewed life. Just like the butterflies, husband and wife are emerging to take their first steps in their new life together.

Butterfly Wedding Themes | Fluttery Decor For a Whimsical Marriage Ceremony

For the ceremonial part of your wedding day, you can easily incorporate butterflies into the theme of your special day. Butterfly wedding accessory collections come in a variety of colors including white, pastel blue, pretty pink, soft green and pastel lavender. A whimsical flower girl basket for carrying rose petals down the aisle; a ring bearer pillow to carry the precious wedding bands; the slightly naughty butterfly garter for the bride to wear on her wedding day or to toss at the wedding reception. To remember the ceremony, a butterfly theme guest signing book and fancy satin wrapped pen set are also available in your favorite butterfly themed colours. In written form, the traditional wedding bulletin or program can be printed on butterfly stationary cards for an elegant touch that ties the whole theme together.

Of course, one of the ultimate special touches for a butterfly theme wedding is to have real, live butterflies released right after the bride and groom exchange wedding vows. A really nice touch is to give everyone at the wedding ceremony their own special butterfly box and have everyone release a butterfly at the same time. This can be a nice alternative to throwing rice or blowing bubbles as the bride and groom walk down the aisle as newly pronounced husband and wife. A few tips if you choose to do this: Butterflies will only fly when the temperature is above 55 degrees and preferably sunny. If the weather is very cold or very hot, the butterflies may not take flight at your wedding. Naturally, this means that for night and candlelit weddings, butterflies will probably not leave their little box.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Food and Drinks | Money Saving Methods

Wedding Reception Food

For those who opt for an outdoor wedding reception, there are several ways food can be served. Following are some popular and money saving methods for serving food at an outdoor wedding reception:
  • Barbecue. At a casual reception, it is common to serve barbecue items such as hamburgers, chicken, or ribs. To make your barbecue buffet-style, ask your guests to forego a wedding gift in exchange for bringing their own special dish to accompany the barbecue. Although, if you do this, be sure to confirm with your guests beforehand so that you don't have everyone bringing the same dish.
  • Buffet. Ask your guests to bring a favored dish instead of a wedding gift. If cost is an issue, serve vegetable, cheese, fruit, and meat trays with dips and other snacks rather than hosting a huge meal.
Wedding Reception Drinks

The bar tab can often account for one of the largest wedding expenses. Following are tips on serving drinks at your reception without incurring a major expense:
  • Semi-open bar. Offer several beverages for free, such as beer and all non-alcoholic drinks, but have guests pay a nominal fee for mixed drinks, such as a dollar per drink to cover some of the expense.
  • Bring your own. Request that guests bring their own drinks to the outdoor reception in lieu of bringing a wedding gift.

Wedding Cakes | Current Trends For Wedding Cakes

Are you getting married and planning your wedding? One of the questions that you will want to ask yourself is about your wedding cake? There are so many options available from traditional wedding cakes, cupcakes or no cake at all. The trend in wedding cakes at the present time is the stacked like a pyramid cupcake wedding cake. How many delicious flavours, colours and combinations can you come up with or can your caterer? Why not have a whole range of flavours: Simple vanilla/yellow/white cake, but frosted with Nutella, Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese, Black Forest, Oreo cupcakes, Mocha Caramel, Black Sesame cupcakes, Ginger cupcakes with lime icing or Lemon cupcakes with lemon icing and filled with blackberry butter cream. These cupcakes will make a statement with your guests and they will have fun figuring out the varieties. Perhaps you want to package one or two of the varieties for guests to take home, I would recommend the Black Sesame or the Vanilla with a flavoured powdered sugar dusting- you do not want to pack up anything that will require refrigeration. Remember to keep the cupcake stack refrigerated and bring it out just before serving. This will ensure that the cupcakes are kept cold and are considered food safe for your guests to consume.

Cheap Candy Wedding Favors | Traditional Candy Wedding Favor

You want to give candy wedding favors to thank guests for helping you make your day special, but you don't want to spend as much on the candy wedding favors as guests spend on the gifts they will give. You want a cheap price, but you don't want to appear too cheap.

Traditional Candy Wedding Favors

Cheap candy wedding favors can be traditional, even though you get lower prices. Jordan Almonds are a traditional wedding candy. The almonds, hidden in a candy shell, are meant to represent the sweetness and bitterness every marriage experiences. The sweet candy coating is supposed to be stronger than the bitterness of the nut inside, reminding that there should be more sweetness than bitterness in marriage. You may use all white Jordan Almonds, white with a pastel that matches your wedding color scheme, or a pastel mix.

Chocolate Candy Wedding Favors

Andes Crème De Menthe chocolate candies make a nice candy wedding favor for cheap prices. Bulk Foods offers these small rectangles in bright green paper. Place three mints in a small square of white tulle, and tie with a white ribbon for cheap candy wedding favors. You can get enough Andes Crème De Menthe chocolate candies for 150 guests for about $22, making your candy price per guest about $0.15. If you don't want to make bags, you can purchase discount organza bags online for $0.19 each.

Beach Wedding Decorations | a

Romantic Wedding DecorationA beach wedding may be the most romantic and unique style of celebrating and personalizing your wedding, which will be remembered throughout your life time. A beach wedding can simply be a traditional affair with a completely a nautical theme. Some of the planning for a beach wedding may be a little complicated than a traditional ceremony but worth doing it. A beach wedding decoration cannot use natural materials that are used in a normal wedding. For a beach wedding decoration, materials would be already present in the beach. Seashells, sea glass, and corals are some of them for implementing creative colors to the materials.

Comfortable Wedding Shoes For Every Style On Your Big Day

This is a great season for comfortable stylish shoes. Pointy toes are less common, and rounded toes are back in style. White flats are certainly available from bridal shoe designers, but there are so many fun designs available this season from non-bridal designers, that you might wish to consider branching out from white. A sparkly pair of silver flats would look fabulous on the bride who is wearing a silver embellished gown and crystal bridal jewelry. If you just can't picture yourself walking down the aisle without some kind of high heeled shoe, take advantage of this season's platform trend. With a nod to the 1940s, the current crop of platforms are ladylike, not exaggerated, and have tall but sturdy heels. There are some gorgeous styles available in luxe wedding-worthy fabrics, such as satin platform heels with ankle straps and a twisted knot detail at the toe.

For the bride who likes very delicate footwear, a pair of kitten heel shoes might be the answer. The heels are thin, but also low, which makes them more comfortable. Be sure that the shoes have a strap, rather than an open back mule style, which is too easy to step out of when backing up. Many of the kitten heel shoes are made in strappy sandal designs which are very feminine and pretty. Classic white or ivory would certainly work, but you may also want to think about a soft color or metallic. Ballet pink, silver, or bronze would all be gorgeous choices with a bridal gown, and will be more useful after the wedding. This same shoe in metallic or black works great for bridesmaids.

Wedding Unity Candle Lighting Ceremony | Unique Wedding Candle

Unique Wedding CandleThe Unity Candle lighting ceremony is symbolically a ritual that signifies the union of two people and their families in a Christian wedding ceremony in Toronto. Some couples opt to light the unique candle while a song is being sung while others prefer it when the minister is giving a candle lighting narrative. When performing the Unity Candle ceremony in Toronto, there are no standard criteria or a specific place to perform the ceremony. The performance normally occurs after the rings have been exchanged and before the couple is pronounced as man and wife. This ceremony can be customized and the personal details are at the couple's discretion.

As a couple plans for the ceremony, they start by setting up the unity candle area. It is advisable to light the wicks then extinguish them since pre-burned wicks light easily in comparison to new ones. It is however optional who gets to light the tapers. For example, both the groom and brides' mothers can each light one candle. Before the ceremony, the groom lights a taper and the bride lights hers when she is escorted in. In a case where the couple brings children into the new marriage, it is optional for the children to light the tapers. The couple lights the large center candle. Couples may choose to leave their tapers on or blow them out. Some couples feel that extinguishing the candles displays their commitment to one another. Others feel that when they leave the candles lit, they retain and realize their individuality that exists in their marriage.